Somerset Recording Studio near Bath and Bristol - 2002 News

WURZELS! - ooooh aaaar!!!!
11/02 Alan Wilson can be found playing guitar on the new Wurzels album which is titled 'Never Mind The Bullocks... 'Ere's the Wurzels'. This is released on Nov 18th 2002 on EMI.

Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
11/02 Alan is also currently putting together an album project which will be a tribute to 60's producer Joe Meek. The album is already under way and will feature many of the scene's top musicians. This release is also destined for the Western Star label.

2002 news......
The Sharks pulled out of the 3 day psycho festival in Los Angeles this May. This is because the promoter was forced to change the date for reasons beond his control and unfortunately the band were not available to play on the new date.

New Sharks Re-releases & Re-issues
OUT NOW 'The Sharks Live In Japan' released
by Crazy Love records (Germany). This is available on
CD and picture disc LP format.
Available here
It contains 17 very high quality recordings taken
from their second Japanese tour (1998).

Also out on Crazy Love is a picture disc pressing of
the very first Sharks album from 1982
(originally on the Nervous label) 'Phantom Rockers'
That's not all! there's a CD version of the 1988
Nervous LP 'First & Last Live' - this has only previously
been avaliable on CD in Japan.

A CD album collection of the Sharks EP's titled
'Bitch Attack'
was released on Raucous records late last year

Alan Wilson is sponsored for compression at Western Star by Joe Meek manufacture high quality sound processing equipment based on the designs of the infamous 60's engineer and producer of the same name. As part of the deal, Western Star studio has taken delivery of some great Joe Meek rack equipment as well as the JM47 Meekrophone!

Alan Wilson appears on the brand new Frantic Flintstones CD Too Sweet To Die (Anagram CDGram 151) which is also now available on vinyl from Crazy Love records. Alan is also co-writing and producing the next Chuck Harvey project 'Chuck & the Hula's'