Somerset Recording Studio near Bath and Bristol - 2005 News

12/05 New Sharks and Western Star T-shirts are available now. Click Here.

Alan Wilson's book is out now!
11/05 Out on Cherry Red Book, "Deathrow - The Chronicles of Psychobilly" will be available on the 24th Nov 2005 but pre-orders are being taken now. For more details see our merchandise page or contact

Deathrow - The Chronicles of Psychobilly.A tantalizing insight into the underbelly of Rock 'n' Roll.... a dangerous, exciting world where Rockabilly mutated with Punk to form.... PSYCHOBILLY!

Packed with the best articles, harvested from the highly collectable cult music fanzine 'Deathrow'.

A valuable reference of events, band interviews and stories for those too young to have experienced the European Psychobilly scene in it's heyday and a nostalgic reminder for those who were a part of it all.... and survived!

Original Pirates record at Western Star!
10/05 Johnny Kidd was arguably the best rocker that the UK ever produced and his recordings remain classics to this day and include Shakin' All Over, Please Don't Touch, Growl and many more. Sadly Kidd died in a car accident in the mid 60's.

L-R Brian Gregg, Clem Cattini, Joe Moretti (Jnr), Kidd Kane.

Original musicians on his early hits were Clem Cattini on drums and Brian Gregg (co-writer of Shakin' All Over) on bass along with Joe Moretti - who not only did the killer guitar breaks and riffs on Kidds' hits, but also played on many other classics from the era including Vince Taylors' Brand New Cadillac.

Recently, Clem Cattini and Brian Gregg teamed up with Joe Moretti Jnr (who plays and sounds incredibly like his Father) and are fronted by singer Kidd Kane - a long time Kidd fan who looks and sounds a lot like his idol. They came to Western Star to record 3 tracks and are due back to record a second batch of songs in a couple of months. This is the closest we'll ever get to having the original band back! The material recorded so far is incredibly authentic.

Jack Rabbit Slim CD launch party
10/05 Jack Rabbit Slim played an energetic set to a very enthusiastic audience at the Ace Cafe in London on Sat 8th Oct. The band were launching their new CD 'Sin-uendo' which is one of Western Star's best selling CD's and what better venue to chose than the Ace! Many faces were in the audience including top London DJ Jerry Chatabox and Nervous records boss Roy Williams. A good night was had by all. 

Rockabilly Rebel comes to Western Star

Graham Fenton09/05 Rockabilly hit-maker Graham Fenton has been recording at Western Star Studio. His band, Matchbox - who are still together and touring, had 7 top 30 UK hits, including their anthem 'Rockabilly Rebel'. Graham now also often tours America fronting the Bluecaps (Gene Vincent's original backing musicians).

Jack Rabbit Slim!
08/05 Western Star records have released an album by one of the hottest bands on the UK rockin' scene. "Sin-uendo" is the 14 track debut album from Jack Rabbit Slim who are fronted by the very talented Bob Butfoy (ex Bob & the Bearcats). For full tracklist and sound samples visit

Pre-Psychobilly Sharks (The Dixie Rebels)
08/05 Raucous records have released a Mini-CD album containing some old demo's recorded by the Sharks in 1980. The Sharks - who were formerly known as the Dixie Rebels - recorded 6 tracks as a Ted-style band. This was a short while before Psychobilly had come along.

The Dixie Rebels are mentioned several times in a book called The Granary Club written by Al Read (Broadcast Books). The Dixie Rebels appeared many times at The Granary - (a much missed Rock Venue run by Hells Angels) and were filmed there live by the BBC in 1981 for their TV music show RPM.

New Release on Western Star
07/05 Western Star have released Vol 2 of their Rockabilly compilation series Western Star Rockabillies.
For Full tracklist and details visit the label site:

More Rock 'n' Roll Legends visit Western Star
07/05  Following Mike Berry's visit to Western Star last year, more big names from the Meek stable have just been in to record:

Clem Cattini - surely one of the most accomplished British drummer of all time (including Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, The Tornados, the Kinks and many, many more) and has played on no less than 42 number 1 hits. Clem was here to record some tracks for the upcoming Vol 2 of the Joe Meek tribute on Western Star.

Guitarists don't come much better than Ray Fenwick! Ray first had success with The Syndicats (one of Joe Meeks 'beat' groups) in fact Ray penned their classic single "Crawdaddy Simone". His subsequent career has been meteoric and he has graced many top bands including The Spencer Davis Group and The Ian Gillan band. A seasoned session man, his guitar playing can be heard on many classic records including records by Bo Diddley! He also recently appeared live with Elvis' old guitarist James Burton. Ray was at Western Star guesting on some tracks - again for the upcoming Joe Meek tribute.

05/05    This summer legendary 60's hitmaker John Leyton has been recording an album with Alan Wilson. John (originally produced by Joe Meek) had a series of smash hits including a number one "Johnny Remember Me". He then turned his attentions to acting where he starred in some great movies such as "The Great Escape" (with Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Richard Attenborough, James Garner and many more) and "Von Ryan's Express" (with Frank Sinatra). John is now busy working on a new CD and has also recorded some tracks for Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth Vol. 2.

 03/05 West Country icon and all-round top bloke Pete Budd of the Wurzels has been in to sing on a track for the Western Star label. In the 70's, Pete took the Wurzels to number 1 in the UK charts with 'Combined Harvester' followed by a string of subsequent hits. Pete is also guesting on the forthcoming second volume of the Joe Meek tribute. Watch this space for release date.




More releases on Western Star label
02/05 Two new CD's on Western Star.... WSRC 009 "Smells Like a Party" Chuck & the Hulas and "Get Hip - Let Rip" by the Bad Detectives. See the label site for full details and tracklist.


Shark Alley!
01/05 If you're in the New Jersey area, watch out a huge 4 meter high piece of pop-art which is going up at an aquarium in Camden. The display named Shark Alley is the entrance to the huge new shark pool and features shark-related images, including the psychobilly trio The Sharks! Yes, they have enlarged pictures of the band and used the lyrics to Blue Water White Death to create this massive piece of pop-art.