Somerset Recording Studio near Bath and Bristol - 2007 News

Great new debut album by Luna Vegas - Bristish Psychobilly at it's best!
01/08 Midlands based Psychobilly trio Luna Vegas have a new album out on Western Star titled "Strange Men, Weird Women". The 13 track album contains all original material from the pen of frontman Nick Plant and has a definite 'old-school' Psycho feel.
Western Star records get loads of Radio 1 airplay!
Tracks from Western Star Psychobillies Vol 2 have been aired repeatedly by Radio 1 DJ Mike Davies on his late night Punk show The Lock In.
2 more new releases on Western Star, plus a fabulous DVD!
11/07 Just in time for your Christmas stockings...
WSRC 019 'Western Star Psychobillies Vol 2' - Various artists
This 20 track CD contains bands old and new such as Frenzy, Chuck & The Crack-Pipes, Henry & The Bleeders, Pretty Grim, Valentine Villains, The Sharks and loads more.
WSRC 020 'Looking For Some Happiness' - Bill Fadden & The Mostly Losers
Long overdue 3rd album by this UK Rockabilly icon Bill Fadden. This is Rockabilly with a slight Mexican feel in places, and it ROCKS! For full tracklist and details visit where you can also buy them direct from us, or alternatively, ask your local rockin' stockist.
Psychobilly and Rockabilly Mayhem - The Western Star Promo Collection DVD
Another brilliant pressie for Christmas. 27 promo video's - many of which have never been seen before - from the likes of Frenzy, The Frantic Flintstones, Chuck & The Crack-Pipes, The Bonneville Barons, Jack Rabbit Slim, The Sharks, Luna Vegas and many more. This is on Cherry Red films. For more details visit
Psychobilly and Rockabilly Mayhem DVD

Western Star profile is on the up and up!

10/07 Phew it's been a hectic couple of months but all good stuff. Firstly a lot going on with our current best selling band Jack Rabbit Slim. We have licensed one of their tracks to a Hip Hop label! That's right, you heard me correctly. This Hip Hop label (BBE records) has put together a Rockin' compilation. Seems that the rest of the world has suddenly realised that Rockabilly is cool! We have also just licensed BOTH our Jack Rabbit Slim CD albums to another label who will press both as vinyl LPs in the new year. More news on that when it happens. The band were also in the Sunday papers a few weeks back.... it really is all happening for them at present and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. They deserve it and have worked hard for it.

We have two new releases out any minute. Western Star Psychobillies Vol 2 - a 20 track compilation and a new album by Rockabilly icon Bill Fadden. More news shortly. Also Cherry Red films are about to release a 27 track DVD called Psychobilly & Rockabilly Mayhem. All bands featured on the DVD are associatted with the Western Star label and/or studio. This should be out in Nov 2007.

Last week there was a TV documentary on the legendary biker haunt, London's Ace Cafe and Western Star records was asked to supply some background music. The ITV 4 show used Jack Rabbit Slim's "The Touch" as well as segments of The Bonneville Barons' "Cat O'Nine Tails" and "Prison Bride". Fantastic publicity for both the label and the bands concerned.

The Bad Detectives have been getting a lot of airplay from BBC radio and last week were played on BBC Radio 2. National airplay is now becoming quite common for Western Star tracks and is a definite sign that the label's prifile is rapidly rising. This can only have positive benifits for the label's roster of artists.

In the current (Oct) issue of music magazine Big Cheese you can find a full page feature on another Western Star project: Chuck & The Crack-Pipes have a fantastic article in the mag' - another example of positive media coverage.


Two New  Releases on Western Star

07/07 WSRC 017 "B-Movie Beat" - The Bad Detectives. This is the long awaited follow-up to their surprise success album "Get Hip Let Rip" on Western Star in 2005. The album contains 17 self-penned gems. 

WSRC 018 "One Lung Down" - Chuck & The Crack-Pipes. Solo album by Chuck Harvey of the Frantic Flintstones who teams up with a group of top session musicians to produce 13 brand new tracks of Rockabilly and Country. With every song themed on drink and drugs this album should be welcomed among the massive Harvey follwing. Recorded shortly after the singer lost a lung, the album's title becomes apparent! Classic Harvey.

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Massive Meek Concert a huge success
02/07    Feb 3rd was the 40th Anniversary of the death of 60's producer Joe Meek and such an occasion could not have passed unmarked. Therefore Western Star records and The Lone Rider record label staged an ambitious event to commemorate and pay tribute to the memory and legacy of Joe Meek.
Several of Meek's million-selling artists were booked including John Leyton, The Tornados, Craig Douglas and The Honeycombs. Also on the bill were other huge Meek stars such as Cliff Bennett along with many other lesser known Meek artists. The North London theatre was sold out several months in advance and there were many celebrities among the 600+ audience including Bruce Welch of The Shadows.
Alan Wilson backstage with Rebel Rouser Cliff Bennett
Alan Wilson back-stage with Rebel Rouser Cliff Bennett
Alan Wilson with Bruce Welch
Alan Wilson back-stage with Bruce Welch of The Shadows